Beetroot recruits, hosts and supports IT professionals, while you manage them. We provide thinking, competent team-players and a unique culture that builds on personal responsibility, trust and equality.

We offer what is probably the best competence vs. cost ratio in the world.



We excel in the web development space, and these are just a few representative examples of languages we’re used to working with.

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • .NET
  • Python


Looking to secure a long-term team in mobile app development?

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Hybrid
Art & Design

Art & Design

We’ll help build a tightly knit team of top notch artists tuned to the style you’re pursuing.

  • UI/UX
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Modelling

What our customers say

We work with a broad range of web traffic services. We’ve previously tripled our size in just two months with Beetroot, going from 3 to 10 performing developers. So you know they can scale quickly when needed. Today, we have an even larger team with them.

We create life changing solutions for customers all over the world. First we were a bit skeptical, because of the language differences, didn’t know really what the quality would be and so on. So far Beetroot has overachieved on every step – from recruiting to creating a nice work environment for our team in Kyiv.

I’ve worked with Beetroot several times before. So far, the one dedicated team member we have with them delivers solid, stable results! We love having him as an essential part of the team, and how Beetroot takes care of him with office space and social life! Looking forward to expanding our team with them.

Catarina Göthe

CEO Polar Bear Group AB

Jonas Kac

CEO Tuzame AB

Anita Schjøll Brede

CEO & Co-Founder Iris AI

Our process


Thorough analysis of needs together with Beetroot.


We will perform an initial screening and aim to put forward suitable candidates within 2 weeks.

Evaluation of candidates

Together we interview and perform technical tests with selected candidates, and then move forward based on your choice(s).

Trial period

We start up a trial period to try out your team and the cooperation in practice.

Management Process Set-up

Together, we shape communication flows per your needs and make sure to hook the developer up with all the right systems and initial knowledge required.

Partnership Monitoring

Since you’re not physically in our office (at all times), we do performance reviews and take the temperature on the team. How are they feeling? How’s the project going?

Long term strategy evaluation

We help you evaluate future needs and are ready to scale and make adjustments.


  • How long does the analysis take?

    You know the saying – it depends. In most cases we need 2 weeks to find ideal candidates for you to review. The first members of your team will normally start working in 6 to 8 weeks.

  • Why should I hire people in Ukraine?

    For the best answer to this question, you should check our Why Beetroot page. Nice people, world-leading cost to competency, and a diverse recruitment pool. Working in Ukraine will push your business forward without breaking the bank (or your sanity).

  • Is it safe to work with Ukrainian developers?

    A million times yes. We understand where the question is coming from, but at the same time the IT industry in Ukraine has grown to a major international player today – something that wouldn’t be possible if there were any particular risks or dangers involved.

    We are composing this FAQ at the heart of Ukraine, and nothing threatens our lives other than the local, sometimes too optimistic, taxi drivers. Our offices are located far from the limited Eastern Ukraine conflict zone and the ongoing conflict has not affected our work in any way, form or shape.

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  • Are Ukrainian developers qualified enough?

    Yes, Ukrainian universities provide solid technical education. Moreover, our developers never stop developing (pardon the tautology). Due to an immense, continuous drive to stay internationally competitive, our devs work hard on self-education to keep qualifications sharp and up-to-date.

  • How can I be sure that you’ll find candidates in 2 weeks?

    It’s important to note that the time it takes to find a good candidate largely depends on the role’s complexity. There’s never a guarantee we have solid alternatives after 2 weeks, but we’ve been doing this for a while now, and we do it well. Beetroot is a very popular employer in Ukraine and we have a broad pipeline of general applications that we’re keeping warm. Targeted recruitment in combination with significant inbound interest are what generally enable fast turn-around.

  • Can you find people in my country?

    In theory, we can do everything, anywhere. But the theory doesn’t always translate well into practice. It’s no mere trifle to maintain high-quality services outside of our usual slippers-and-borsch habitat, especially from a cost perspective. We normally search for Ukrainian developers only.

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Evaluation of candidates

  • What if I don’t like the candidate?

    We have a trial period to figure it out. You watch the candidate’s work during a month and make a decision. If you are happy with the candidate, we will celebrate it with borsch and champagne (or Ukrainian sparkling wine) and keep working together. If you are not, you will terminate the contract and we’ll keep looking for a better candidate.

  • What level of English do candidates have?

    Good enough to talk about the weather and your projects. We make sure that all our candidates have at least upper-intermediate level of English. Moreover, we have English classes. Communication is never a problem in Beetroot.

  • How can you be sure that candidates will match my team?

    We have special questionnaires to portrait your company and your team. After you complete them we screen them thoroughly and look for your perfect match.

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Trial period

  • How long is the trial?

    Generally, 1 month is enough for you to realize that a candidate is exactly what you need. But if you are not the kind of person who takes decisions in warm blood, which is fair, we can potentially prolong the trial to 3 months.

  • If I don’t like candidate’s work during the trial, what do I do?

    We know that love can’t be forced. If a candidate doesn’t match your team during the trial, you can terminate the contract with 0 days notice.

  • Do I have legal liabilities during the trial?

    We build our relations with a firm basis in mutual respect, trust and equality. To make this work for everyone we sign a normal contract before the trial period. It includes the commitment fee, which is discussed before our cooperation starts.

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Management Process Set-up

  • Can you relocate the team to our office?

    Our potential to accommodate your needs is central to making sure our cooperation works out. As a rare exception we can relocate the team to your office. Still, there are significant cost, logistics, management and personal development benefits to letting us pamper and coddle up the team in Beetroot’s own, Ukrainian offices.

  • Is there a communication tool to keep in touch with the team?

    Your own in-house communication tools usually work well to keep in touch with the team. We usually discuss communication flows and tools as a part of the setup process.

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Partnership Monitoring

  • Are there performance reviews?

    Of course, we rely on these to make sure you guys are doing well. We offer individual performance reviews with every team member on a regular basis.

  • How often do you make reviews?

    We believe that a once-per-6-months pattern works well. We are open to shaping this as needed, however. Want to make reviews more often? Or more rarely? Tell us and we’ll make the changes needed. Just don’t forget that the client-developer relationship builds on continuous, tight feedback, and shouldn’t rely solely on set performance reviews.

  • How do I know that the team is happy with everything?

    Team members have a full-stack HR manager, who monitors their vitals. You can keep track of the team’s mood during your regular HR meetings.

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Long term strategy evaluation

  • What is the maximum contract duration?

    We have clients who have been with us since Beetroot’s foundation. There are no technical limits to contract duration. Our lower limit is 1-year contract, and our upper limit is the sky 🙂

  • Is there a maximum to which I can extend the team?


  • Do I have to extend the team?

    Working with Beetroot means that we share insights and look jointly at what’s best for you, considering the circumstances. Your team is here to help you (as well as we are). You can extend it, squeeze it, stretch it and do whatever it takes to build the business.

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Our teams

These are some of the people who make Beetroot what it is, and some of the spaces we call home. Use your mouse to scroll over each image!


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